2018 Program

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  • THURSDAY 4th January

The Royal Navy at RAF Marham

With specific reference to the running of the Met Office

by Lt Cdr Anna Townsend, Royal Navy




  • Wednesday 7th   February

Flying model aircraft, a dangerous pastime

by Mike Woodhouse




  • Wednesday 28th February (March meeting)

     This meeting was cancelled due to severe Weather 

American Air Museum at IWM Duxford

by Lucy Maxwell




  • Wednesday 4th April

British Aircraft Corporation TSR-2

by David Morton




  • Wednesday 2nd May

The “Friendly Invasion”

by Libby Morgan, Trust Librarian, 2nd Air Division Memorial Library, Norwich





  • Wednesday 6th June

Aircraft archaeological digs

by Trevor Hewitt




  • Wednesday 4th July

Haunted Norfolk Airfields

by Christopher Huff. BA, PGDip, MA Writer and Archaeologist




  • Wednesday 1st August

Aviation Landmarks: Norfolk and Suffolk

by Author Peter Gunn




  • Wednesday 5th September

“The History of the Jet Engine.” 

by Tony Meacock




  • Wednesday 3rd October

Fokker Dreidecker Dr.1 –  Dr Peter Brueggemann

A review of this years test flight program and maiden flight of the Dreidecker


  • Wednesday 7th November

The McAully Flying Group

by Chair of the McAully Flying Group Gary Thompson




  • Wednesday 5th December

The NAAG Annual General Meeting