2017 Program

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  • 4th January

Space Station Norfolk

Paul Hayes –  BBC Radio Norfolk


  • 1st February

SaxonAir update

Chris Mace – Group Commercial Director of SaxonAir


  • 1st March

‘Rise of the Robotics’

Ian Williams-Wynn  – BlueBear Systems


  • 5th April

“On a Wing and a Payer” – By Bob Collis


  • 3rd May

Vietnam POWs

Bentwaters Cold War Museum – Bob Hale


  • 7th June

Rockets – Ben Jarvis


  • 5th July

Fokker Dreidecker Dr.1 –  Dr Peter Brueggemann


  • 2nd August

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight – Wing Commander Mark McNulty


  • 6th September

Author of ‘Jaguar Boys’,  ‘A Goldstar Century’ (the history of Marham’s 31 Squadron) and ‘Tornado Boys’  –  Ian Hall


  •  3rd October

‘Post Crash Management and Op TARVILLE USMC F/A-18C Crash’

Wg Cdr Tim Owen and Sqn Ldr Tim Casey


  • 1st November

NPHG (Polish Society) Stories of Polish Airman during WW2

Adrian (Zolkowksi) O’dell


  • 6th December

The NAAG Annual General Meeting